Murat Kilic Presents to Boston Section of AACE

BOSTON, MA - Last evening, Murat Kilic, PSP, presented to the Boston section of AACE on the Half Step Schedule Analysis. As a matter of common practice, scheduling specifications require “raw update schedules”, which include only progress, as well as the typical schedule updates which include progress, and schedule revisions. The Half-Step Schedule Analysis is performed prospectively and retrospectively for construction projects to segregate the progress from non-progress revisions. Murat’s presentation simplified the Contemporaneous Period Analysis-Split Methodology (MIP 3.4), and addressed the necessary steps to develop the half-step schedule update. Murat expanded further on this topic by discussing how this methodology is used to unmask the actual delays on projects to develop a greater understanding of root causes of delay. 

Half Step isn’t the only Forensic Delay Analysis method that we specialize in. Our team is well versed on the development, and review of the latest, and most applicable methodologies, and related cost apportionment strategies for any complex construction project you are facing. No matter the size or scope, BCC is here to help. Contact BCC today!

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