Industries Overview

Brashear Construction Consulting has extensive experience in all areas of the construction industry. Our team is comprised of "hand selected" professionals with diverse yet well rounded backgrounds, offering a wide range of services to an even broader range of industries. In particular, our team specializes in construction related to Industrial, Buildings, Infrastructures, Energy and Power, Sports and Entertainment, and countless other project types.

  • Buildings

    Buildings — we know them — inside and out. From garden style residential projects to high-rises, from high schools to universities, from retail brick and mortar to mixed use mega centers, and from research labs to hospital centers, BCC has done it. Our knowledge of specification requirements extends from private to public projects and we work with our clients to bring about resolutions so that the building can be utilized as intended. Our team of claim consultants advises our clients on best practices and strives to ensure the success of all projects.

  • Industrial

    BCC has first-hand knowledge of industrial construction with a diverse background in both on-site and design engineering experience. Our team provides claims analysis in the areas of wastewater treatment, mines and manufacturing plants. At any stage of the project, BCC's industrial building claims consultants work with clients to bring about a resolution and avoid further damages.

  • Infrastructure

    Our broad range of experience with infrastructure projects has facilitated rewarding outcomes for our clients in areas of bridge, road, highway, and transportation construction. Our team understands the complexities of civil and heavy highway construction as well as the risks inherent in each. BCC provides claims analysis, forensic delay analysis and risk assessment on projects of varying magnitudes and geographic locations.

  • Energy and Power

    The ever-expanding energy sector requires a broad range of knowledge and experience to fully understand the project's needs. BCC's team is well versed in this area and can perform due diligence assessments for clients of any type. Our construction consultants have worked in many areas of the energy industry including coal-fired, combined cycle, selective catalytic reduction systems, solar, and nuclear. Our team of claim consultants advises our clients on best practices and strives to ensure the success of all projects.

  • Sports and Entertainment

    BCC has worked on an array of unique construction projects for sports and entertainment purposes. We understand the sensitivity of schedule adherence on such projects and we are readily available to assist the client in these endeavors. With over 100+ years combined experience we can efficiently perform under uncommon circumstances, investigate to uncover the facts, and deliver unique and customized resolutions.